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Angry Odin

by And Tears Fell

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Waiting For the Day (T. Downing/S. Downing) well I face the morning with the world on my mind and I turn on the TV only to find that i have no value, reduced to a talking head and i ain't got no existence just might as well be dead well maybe this is all just a dream and maybe this means nothing to me and maybe someday I'll find the truth and maybe it's just that we're all screwed waiting for the day to come waiting for the day waiting for the day to come any time now... any way... well I'm not as stupid as you say i look and i can't see reality thru the haze & smoke and i look toward my future away from my past and the street-prophet says that Armageddon's coming fast well the glowing angels they gather in my room and all the saints & all the sinners warn me of impending doom and I reach toward the table and turn on the light and I blink my eyes and tell myself it's gonna be a long night
Another Lovesong (T. Downing/S. Downing) another lovesong floating down thru the air and all the mothers they cry out in despair another black kid face down with a hole in his head another victim of urban decay and all the teachers walked out yesterday another jackhead shoots a girl from the back of a car all the rage and jealousy laid out for all the world to see and there's no chance for you and me to keep out all that we can do is try to cross our hearts and hope to die before the love falls from our eyes/ before the tears fall from our eyes/ before the rain falls from the sky let it out another handgun in the mouth of a child and all the children who are growing up wild another blueboy shot down at the end of a beat another rapist makes bail & he walks another crack house going up down the block another teenage dealer dumped at the side of the road another white girl sneaks out every night she gets thru high school and she can't read or write another baby and she's stuck for the rest of her life every Latino out in East San Jose and every Native down & out in LA. they only want to make it all go away and start over another lovesong from an old radio and it reminds me how far I've got to go another year goes by and I'm watching my friends getting older are we pretending that love conquers all? and that's assuming we can all get along another reason to wake up 'cause the honeymoon's over
Spirit Dancer (T. Downing) lightning strikes - a lone explosion fire in my mind I'm hoping these ecstatic visions won't strike me blind still I wear the hours my spirit torn inside praying nature leaves me with a modicum of pride ancient dreams look inside me ancient dreams walk with me staring at the open ocean clouds gather above I'm thinking of a grand illusion people full of love but every time i blink my eyes the tears wash the dream away i sit and wait for its return perhaps another day spirit dancer, dance your dreams let it fill your heart tear the sky open wide make a brand new start spirit dancer, dance your dreams let it fill your heart fill the sky with your cries make a brand new start rabbit on the southern wind coyote in the stones the sweat pours out of me and chills me to the bone red road calling, but the city calls me its own but can i walk a million paths and ever end up home? lightning strikes - a lone explosion fire in my head I'm hoping these ecstatic visions won't strike me dead
glass flesh sex
Fire Inside 05:07
fire inside (T. Downing) I never thought you'd run away like that I always thought we'd be together I never dreamed it could hurt so much I always thought I'd take it better you always seemed to be on top of the world I never guessed that you were lying but now you're gone and living in the city while I sit here crying and the light in your eyes makes a circle in my mind and the thoughts run rampant make me lose control every time baby i know you can give me a smile although it's been such a long long time come back and hold me, just for awhile you're playing with fire inside I never thought I'd see you here again I never thought I'd be here either I bet you want me to apologize but I'm still waiting for the same from you
God on a String (T. Downing) leave leave the building there's a building on fire there's a god on a string sing sing your praises there's a woman on fire she's wearing your ring the evil tide flows back & forth and crashes on the shore you say you can't tell who is who and what is what anymore the ultra-righteous beats his bible while he makes the sting he's got his hand in your back pocket and his god on a string sign sign your name divide the cash I'm on your side guide strive to guide leader in the media somebody lied
Nightmares (T. Downing/S. Downing) Looking back in anger My vision fades to white A thousand stags and lions Pass each other in the night Distant drums and echoes Are still pounding in my head But still my conscience tells me That we should all be dead Not one of us are jesters But still we wear the mask And find our hands are severed By the blades of our one task You could have been destruction You could have held the gun And rid the population Of every last one of us Help me to understand This gnawing here inside I’m looking for someone to take my hand And bring me down And lead me home again Would you stay right here beside me? Will you love me ‘til the end? So many have challenged So many have lost We try to save our foolish pride But what will be the cost? We terrorize each other To win the gift of fire We cave in to our wishes And every last desire (chorus)
Savage 02:59
Savage (T. Downing) nowhere do I see what I started with nowhere do I see what I've begun I feel, in the basking heat of day the cold charge of a neon sun* I sweat (I can't stop) I shake (the shaking) I rattle like a handful of bones I stop (to look) and start (to find it) the ringing of a million telephones I'll be OK tomorrow (if I just) detach myself from what goes on whispering promises on the wind (will find I have already gone) I try (I sweat) to stop (the dreaming) as needles prick the flesh I call (to you) to stop (the dreaming) but you just wanna know what's next like the savage (ferocious) chanting old native prayers to a loving god see the lines in front of you the lines drip down like blood * apologies to peter gabriel
Demons 05:32
Demons (T. Downing/S. Downing) I hear voices in the night my head feels like a cannonball so heavy and about to explode the rain beats down relentlessly so hard to take the pain sometimes but I'm getting used to being alone running down a road to someplace better than I've ever known through the doorway & the past is gone driving down a road to nowhere through the doorway & the future rushes in well it's all laid down in black & white and yet, people see what they want to see but it could still turn out alright for other people like you & me days may come and days may go still, you never know 'til you reach the end when I get it figured out will I still be able to call you friend? dreaming of a better time watching the ghosts of all my family go parading by if it should come to pass that I should ever need to stand and fight the demons would you stand by my side? see them coming closer will I ever have the courage to stand up for myself? if I should fall before the laughing fucked up bastards will you pick me up and help me make it through?


The third studio album from Bay Area alternative recording artist And Tears Fell, Angry Odin was originally released as a cassette-only EP in 1992. The band's relocation to Seattle in the midst of the grunge era is evident in the album's influences. The EP was later combined with other tracks from the same era and issued on CD. It is the only album in the And Tears Fell catalog with a two-word name.


released August 10, 1993

Produced by Randy Hensel and Todd Downing


all rights reserved



And Tears Fell Seattle, Washington

And Tears Fell was an eclectic art-rock recording project founded by Todd & Samantha Downing in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1988. Twenty years, a move to Seattle and five albums later, Todd put the project to bed for good. The REQUIEM album is a tribute to Samantha, who lost her battle with cancer in 2005. ... more

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