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by And Tears Fell

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Sometimes/Other Times (Downing/Downing/Hensel/Gascoyne) Sometimes I feel as though My life could be happier But I still pray for rain Sometimes I want to be Somewhere out of time Outside myself and my pain But knowing you are here And feeling all your love Lets my heart know We have somewhere to go Leaving all behind The places and the time When I’m with you, it’s magic I wish I could go far away Away from the things that haunt me These things inside my mind I only want to run away When people don’t listen to me I just can’t seem to find the time But knowing I am here Away from what I love Lets my heart know I have somewhere to go Leaving all behind The places and the time When I’m with you, it’s magic
Ghosts 05:30
Ghosts (Downing/Downing) I kneel beside the chamber door Another ghost I see Peering through the keyhole Staring back at me Who is in the shadows? Who lurks in the dark? Who’s that with the killer’s eyes? Will he hit his mark? I run from every foreign sound In shelter I find peace The devil knocks upon my door I wait for day’s release I’m thinking of the sunrise Looking toward the day Peace be with you, everyman ‘Til sunlight comes again I see it in the people dwelling In the countryside I see it in the infant’s eyes The fear of genocide (chorus 1) I summon up my courage To be with me in the night But I shake with trepidation As I blow out the light (chorus 2)
Forest of Dreams (Best-Howard/Downing) Under a howling moon where magic rules the skies Colors unfold mysteriously like the emotions in your eyes And there alone the answers lie, your truest desires are known But how can I ask the trees for truth? In silence, for years they’ve grown Under the cover of the forest of dreams Where each stem is a destiny Perhaps there you wrapped a stone And buried it in hope of me How different are you from the silence of the tree? So solid, strong and proud - but one thing you did not see You have the freedom to move, so touch my hand You have the freedom of voice, so help me understand (chorus) We’ve grown beyond the superstitions of an unknown galaxy A wrapped stone will not suffice if you desire my company A silent heart will be alone, for no one can see within A fortress you guard so well, yet I know the walls are thin I’ll stand beneath the howling moon, a part of the mysteries And if you want my love as your own, it is time to come to me With wooden flute song, and silver drops of rain Beneath the swirling galaxies, I will wait and wait again...
Bliss 02:43
Bliss (Downing) Watching people walking hand in hand Catches me off my guard Those parts when I close my eyes Is it a movement of fear, or something peculiar? I don’t even know your name This kind of bliss comes once in a lifetime Don’t let me say the wrong thing Watching films of others Walking hand in hand And all my expectations Are turning into sand Eyes like razors [pins and needles] cut me deep And melt away [And let me tell you this...] Clandestine attitudes Won’t help me keep the wolf at bay [Don’t put me out of my misery - this agony is bliss] My picture of you, it’s so extreme It’s black and white, Good, bad, just a dream It calls out to me night and day But the image in my head won’t fade away
Chamber of Light (Downing/Downing) Knocking down the old ideas Try to find what’s right I could say, “I’m fine, how are you?” But that would be a lie Having it all, wanting nothing What a way to go… Wanting it all, having nothing I only want to go home Feelings in the chamber of light All I know is shadows I can’t tell the day from night Oh no, not from here Bringing back my fantasies Could it be right? I only wanted solace from you Could you hold me tight? Seeing it all, hearing nothing What a way to go… Hearing it all, seeing nothing I only want to go home Feelings in the chamber of light All I know is shadows I can’t tell the day from night Oh no, not from here
Amsterdam 03:43
Amsterdam (Downing/Carlson) When we finally got back to Amsterdam The snow was melting on the ground The sun was a golden ball of fire When we got the news across the wire You looked so shocked You looked so helpless And I was helpless too So we took the train back again Back again To Amsterdam Marching in our wooden footsteps Two steps from our past We caught just a glimpse of the sky at night And we floundered in the candlelight The days have passed The dark comes quickly And I’ve forgotten how To break the chain, get back again Back again To Amsterdam
Sometimes II 03:45
(see Sometimes / Other Times)
I’m Not Political (Carlson/Downing/Gascoyne) Every day she wakes up in her room Looks for me and her match and spoon Christmas time comes too soon I would say some more But I’m not political Mathilda Jones all dressed up in black Two bottles of rum and a $50 hat I don’t know where she gets all that I would say some more But I’m not political There's a man on TV who can walk through fire Steal money from the sick, and still get higher Praises God with his church choir I could say some more But I'm no assassin Jungle Jim's got scars on his back Seventy pounds of bricks and a buzzard and a bat They say he's free, where do they get all that I could say some more but I'm not political Crazy man with no pants in the streets He makes love with whoever he meets Down and out with politicians and freaks Down and out with politicians and freaks
Freakbox 02:59
Visions of the Looking Glass (Downing) As we rowed along the river The child’s eyes on me I wonder how it must be Chasing rabbits through the trees I fix my gaze on golden hair A lightning mane of fire I tell her mystic stories That have sprung from my desire (chorus) Oh Alice, will you sing for me? A song above the storm And crawl beneath my blanket, You can keep your teacher warm And if it’s all too much for you, I will walk away And you can read the stories, child I love you anyway Guilded by the willow trees  We flowed on ‘til the night Smoke-filled visions of the looking glass And rabbits fill my sight I love this girl called Alice Obsession to the core Perfect face and dainty hands I want her all the more (chorus) As we rowed along the river The child’s eyes on me I wonder how it must be Chasing rabbits through the trees Through smoky dreams I held her tight As I teetered on the brink of madness And tears fell down on the stony ground And formed a sea of sadness Alice, will you sing for me?
(see single version)
Hiding Time 03:58
Hiding Time (P. Howard / T. Downing It's lunchtime here But I'm feeling rather ill Though I'm labeled schizophrenic I'm easily cured with pills Is today the first of May? I wonder why I think at all They say they'll do it for me And they're just down the hall Here they come It's hiding time at the institution Here they come Telling me it's bad evolution Here they come Pushing into my little world Here I go It's hiding time at the institution Well Thorazine and who's-his-what's-his-name Have me on a list Of course I've no idea why A lobotomy'd be quite a twist They're here, they're coming, I know their footsteps Heard them so many times before I'll just pull myself into my jumper And sink into my padded floor


Recorded at Saratoga Park Studios in Fremont, CA in the summer of 1989, Sidhe (pronounced "shee") was originally released in the fall as a cassette release from Epithet Records. After producing a single version of Forest of Dreams which was included on a label sampler for European distributors, the band released the full album of Sidhe in November 1989.


released November 20, 1989

Produced by Randy Hensel, David Beach and Todd Downing


all rights reserved



And Tears Fell Seattle, Washington

And Tears Fell was an eclectic art-rock recording project founded by Todd & Samantha Downing in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1988. Twenty years, a move to Seattle and five albums later, Todd put the project to bed for good. The REQUIEM album is a tribute to Samantha, who lost her battle with cancer in 2005. ... more

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